Veretus Group | Investigations
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Veretus conducts discreet background investigations of individuals for a variety of purposes, including pre-appointment investigations, reputational due diligence, investigating the own side’s key witnesses, and reviewing a litigation opponent’s witnesses.   Our multi-disciplinary team allows us to draw upon an array of white collar, investigative, financial, political, and intelligence perspectives to provide our clients with a clear understanding of their targets.  For each witness and background investigation, we emphasize ethically-sourced information that is admissible in court or likely to lead to admissible evidence.  Nonetheless, in cases where our client wishes to obtain general or uncorroborated information for use outside the courtroom, we will supplement our analysis with such information, so long as it is ethically obtained and compliant with the law.


Veretus provides our clients a wide range of due diligence services, including pre- and post-acquisition targets, pre-hire investigations, anti-corruption concerns, internal and compliance investigations, forensic audits, and support of trial counsel in criminal and civil litigation.  Our senior staff have managed complex investigations throughout the U.S. and across the globe, including Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We ensure the integrity of our investigations by ethically sourcing information and intelligence in each jurisdiction where we undertake work.



Veretus offers comprehensive litigation support services to help lawyers obtain admissible and strategic evidence in high-stakes civil and criminal cases.  Working with our strategic partners, our litigation support services include witness due diligence and interviews, forensic and investigative accounting, background investigations, asset tracing, and sophisticated research assignments.  We also conduct field investigations, in which we coordinate on-the-ground investigations of key witnesses and entities in the U.S. and globally, often partnering with local investigators with whom we have longstanding relationships.



Any U.S. company doing business outside the U.S. must address an array of anti-corruption concerns, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”), U.K. Bribery Act, and related reputational and business risks.  We hold deep experience with regard to FCPA enforcement and compliance. We design and conduct targeted, fact-based investigations as well as the diligence necessary to mitigate anti-corruption risks in key jurisdictions.

We provide detailed investigative reports and vetting of potential partners concerning country-specific reputational, political and corruption risk, working closely with our clients’ legal or business teams to ensure that our reports address the key risks and are delivered on-time and on-budget.


Within any organization, internal conflicts – whether sexual harassment or discriminatory conduct – decrease productivity, diminish morale and undermine a company’s mission.  Veretus professionals hold broad experience investigating and reducing incidents across an array of industries and sectors.


Our approach is twofold – we rely on customized anonymous workplace surveys to inform leadership about which areas in their organization present an increased risk of conflict, and then design a targeted action plan based on procedural transparency to reduce potential conflicts and foster a more productive corporate culture.

With respect to sexual harassment, we do not rely on off-the-shelf online training presentations and staged reenactments – nor should companies.  Studies have consistently shown that such efforts alone rarely reduce incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace. Given recent revelations and their fallout, a new framework is required – one aimed at effecting change, transparency and legitimacy.

Our approach centers on well-defined procedural protocols clearly communicated from the top down, including timely, focused and independent investigations of credible allegations. This procedural framework creates balance by protecting the interests of the accuser and the company, reduces the threat of retaliation to the accuser, and ensures the integrity of the factual investigation.

To augment this approach, Veretus provides sexual harassment training tailored to different levels of employees and management, including C-Suite personnel and board members. Combining individualized training at various levels of the organization with procedural transparency is far more likely to lead to a reduction in incidents of sexual harassment, and a workforce confident that such incidents will be addressed independently, fairly and without delay.


If a conflict has occurred within the organization and allegations were made, Veretus can discreetly conduct internal investigations within compressed timeframes, as needed. We specialize in conducting low-profile workplace investigations designed to identify the facts and provide recommendations to company leadership.



Veretus leads investigations to identify, trace and recover assets, including real estate, royalty streams, automobiles, boats, airplanes and art.  Members of our professional staff have conducted numerous complex asset traces on behalf of private individuals and corporations in both civil and criminal litigation.  Our team members have uncovered millions of dollars in hidden assets, including in foreign tax havens and high-risk regions.



Veretus works with trusted digital forensics experts based in the U.S. and abroad to help law firms, corporations, and individuals address their forensic investigative needs.  We help our clients image computers, devices, and servers, conduct digital forensic investigations of suspicious persons, and investigate – and preserve for use at trial – relevant online evidence and activity.  All digital investigations are supervised by senior staff who have previously litigated complex digital forensic-related issues, and therefore our team brings a unique legal discipline to its digital forensics work.