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Veretus professionals have decades of experience collecting and analyzing intelligence for corporate and government clients.  Through our extensive network of personal contacts and trusted business intelligence firms abroad, Veretus can pursue information-gathering activities in regions of the world of high interest to our clients.

Veretus works with clients to hone and refine collection requirements to identify the right individual sources, leverage our strategic partners, or develop new assets as needed.  Our information reports follow a consistent, easy-to-digest format.  Our team is also prepared to provide focused and succinct analysis of the information.

Our senior staff has deep expertise in several geographic regions, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Australia.  Moreover, our business sector experience helps provide insights across a range of industries, including accounting and finance, oil and gas, defense and security-related, and life sciences.  Veretus provides political, reputational, economic, and security analysis enabling more confident and informed decision-making.


Veretus provides political, security, economic, financial, and compliance risk analysis services.

Political and security risk analysis forms an important part of corporate decision-making, particularly in emerging economies or conflict regions.  Whether a client is contemplating an investment in power production in Africa or entering a commercial market in the Middle East, we model and analyze risk profiles for businesses, non-profits and individuals.  Regardless of the political or security environments, economic and financial risk analysis is critical.  Our network of international contacts and collaborating firms, combined with our regional and sector expertise, allow us to provide contemporary analysis by geographic regions, countries, commercial sector or individual firm.  The strength of our financial and economic analysis derives from our deep research capabilities, global reach and in-house expertise.

Our researchers, intelligence professionals, and white collar professionals have extensive experience in vetting companies, government entities, and individuals to ensure that our clients have a clear picture of who they are doing business with, whether in the U.S. or abroad.


Our former government personnel have decades of experience in dealing with foreign governments, corporations, the media and issue groups.  We have engaged foreign officials at the highest levels on several continents, and are able to leverage a wide-range of influential contacts in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and other regions of the world.  We rely on the reach and reliability of trusted firms across the globe to obtain crucial insights and open the right doors.

We represent companies, high net worth individuals and families, non-profit and philanthropic organizations, political and religious groups, and others when highly-sensitive representations need to be made on a discreet and confidential basis.  Our professionals possess a keen understanding of the local political and security atmosphere, knowledge of regional, cultural and religious mores, and confidence drawn from experience.


Our strategic communications practice designs and executes profile-building reputation development and crisis management public affairs strategies for our clients. By leveraging our team’s experience and networks, we are well positioned to advise corporate executives, decision makers, and organizations on strategies that cover the full suite of public affairs needs — including awareness building, government relations, media and digital communications, public policy, and corporate and social responsibility.

Members of our in-house team have worked on a range of high-stakes national public affairs campaigns at the nexus of public policy and the private sector, including high-profile corporate and political issues, congressional investigations, brand repair and positioning, as well as public policy counseling. We also deploy our highly-networked partnerships on behalf of our clients to optimize cutting edge outreach technologies and audience-targeting techniques.

Our guiding principle is to partner with our communications strategies that break through, support, and best position our clients in a volatile and ever-changing public affairs climate.


Increasingly, organizations must be aware of the internal risk of members seeking to do harm.  Motivations may range from revenge, a sense of being under-appreciated, having been recruited “in-place” by another entity or issue advocacy.  When an insider decides to become a malevolent actor, the damage can be greater than had the attack or data breach come from an external source.

Veretus professionals have decades of experience in counterespionage and investigations involving whistleblowers or individuals seeking financial gain.  We can advise companies on strategies to minimize risk and mitigate damage.