Veretus Group | Carmen L. Middleton
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Carmen L. Middleton

Advisory Board Member

Carmen Landa Middleton, the fourth-highest ranking officer at the Central Intelligence Agency (retired), leads Veretus’s Internal Conflict Investigations (ICI) practice. During her 33-year career at the CIA, she wore several hats – including most recently as Deputy Chief Operating Officer (COO), a member of the Agency’s executive leadership team. As Deputy COO, Ms. Middleton managed the CIA’s day-to-day operations; led on a diverse range of issues from geopolitical crisis responses to strategic investment; and oversaw the execution of the largest structural and business process change since the Agency’s inception in 1947. During her tenure as the Director of CIA’s Open Source Center, Ms. Middleton drove the development of the unclassified Cloud architecture and spearheaded a strategy on the disruptive evolution of Open Source tradecraft.

As the CIA’s Chief Diversity Officer (CDO), she co-chaired an historic study, the Director’s Advisory Group on Women in Leadership, examining the CIA’s record and practices as they pertained to the careers of women. The publication of this historic study marked the solidification of the CIA as a leader on issues of diversity and inclusion, and led to greater workplace flexibility, the valuing of diverse career paths, and more intentional leadership development. Ms. Middleton also oversaw the launch of an anti-harassment program, with a special emphasis on sexual harassment, within the Agency.

Veretus partnered with Ms. Middleton based on her record of creating a dynamic unit that brought together equity compliance, conflict resolution, and forward-leaning diversity and inclusion practices, as well as for her introduction of rigorous, metrics-based programs for talent acquisition, employee retention, and leadership development, ensuring effective strategic and tactical decision-making regarding talent.

President of Common Table Consulting, Ms. Middleton is a recipient of the Working Mother Media National Security Annual Legacy Award, the Meritorious Presidential Rank Award, National Intelligence Superior Service Medal, and the CIA Director’s Award. She is a member of several advisory and directors boards, including the Board of Directors for the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement. Ms. Middleton graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Phi Beta Kappa, with a degree in Spanish Language & Literature, and studied abroad during her junior year at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.